Wednesday, 12 October 2011

I'm not even gonna mention it... you know... THE THING...

So hey! Hi! Howdy doody there! You look awesome today dude! Love the hair! :D
I'm not gonna mention it, you know the thing? The thing of me being LAZY? xx
Well.... my life since the last thing-

  • I've finally got a semi-social life! :P Teehee you heard me right, I'm going out with big groups of friends, going to town with ma mates, going to the park, I've joined youth club, DofE and people at school are BEGINING TO TALK TO ME! Yay, I'm a happy little dumplin!
  • I've quit Ballet after nine years! Yay! I've hated it for soooo long....
  • Me and ma best bud Milo are going to be a two headed turnip for Halloween!!!
  • Its my birthday in two months! (wow, its been like a year since I began this blog.... about twenty posts... SORRY!!!)
  • I made green cake at the weekend!
  • My dogs all grown up! We might get her to have a litter of border collie pups!
  • I'm getting a TON of homework at the minute... (groan) since after Christmas were doing some GCSE's in Science and Maths... >.<
  • I've decided to begin writing again! I haven't written a single story for a whole year!
  • Its my mums birthday today! HAPPY BIRTHDAY MUM!! <3
So guys, what have you been up to since we last spoke? *cough cough sorry cough*

love from
Kat xx

Thursday, 25 August 2011

Caught in a web!

Hiya! Today I got up really late, like at midday! But heyho- it is summer! My besto friendo Milo came round for a bit and we went and had such an exciting time... picking up rubbish. Waaaayyy!! You see, we're doing duke of edinburgh this year (since we're in year nine now! :D) so this summer we have to do six hours of skill (like learning to play an instrument or reading or whatnob) and six glorious hours picking up rubbish. Everyone just stared at us... and it was chucking it down! Hey ho...

THen we went back to mine but no one was in so we had to go down a reallly dark alley into ma garden and I bashed into this HUGE spiders web. It was ICKY!!!

In a few days we're gonna get a train into the city.... ON OUR OWN!!!!! Yay, we're finally old enough to go places by ourselves! ^.^ Time for shopping at the geeky comic book store of awesomeness and HMV! Yay!

Teehee, now I'm going to bake a cake and drawww!!!!

Bye bye!

Kat xoxoxo

Wednesday, 24 August 2011

Were all goin on a SUMMER HOLIDAY!

Hiya dudes! I'm sorry about not posting for the last months- i forgot to mention i was going on holiday! I went to pOrtugual first (it was ROASTING!!!!!) and the france for three weeks! It was fun!!

I just came back yesterday after seven longggg hours in the car and boy am I glad to be home! In a bed that isnt soggy!

I've just been to my besto friendo's house and it was awesome! We ate and drank and drew and listened to music and filmed funny little bits for our webshow Waky! THat we've never posted online because we're so cool!

It was really fun! She got me a whily pop- I'm so jealous!
My dogs just staring at me all demented saying "throw the ball dude! Just THROW THE BALL!!!!!!" :D

Oh, and guess what.....

I GOT DUNGAREES! Yay! At long last! I <3 them dude!

bye for now!

Kat xoxox

Edit: Hiya! Sorry, I forgot to mention but bloggers being EVIL to me and not letting me comment on any blogs! Even my own! So dudes, I am still reading your totally awesome rocking blogs but blogger won't let me comment. :'( Sorry!

Little Broken Heart~ it was awesome! I love traveling and exploring- it rocks! I know, I'm a terrible, terrible blogger.. :D xx

Wednesday, 20 July 2011

I am irritated...

this is my dad and he's making me wanna scream and swear righto back at him....

bye bye xx

Tuesday, 19 July 2011

School imageryyyy

Today was my last day of year eight before the summer holidays, and I really can't believe its gone so fast!

Man, my life is speeding away! It's seems so dumb, but I never do anything all that different, I've never been bad or naughty.... if I looked at myself without knowing me, I'd be like 'boring geek'. Seriously dudes, I've never done one bad thing at school in my life.

Huh, kinda boring...

On my 13th birthday I told myself I was going to make the most of this year you know- everyday you get older, before long your life is gone. And well, whats the point of living if you dont do anything?!?

I dunno, my 14th birthday is in a few months, so mabye one day I'll have a proper teen-y day, ya'know and be BAD!

Ha.... me, bad...

Yeah! Wouldn't it be cool if just for one day you could completly change you image? Right- normally at school this is me- no makeup, perfect uniform, shy, uncertain, kinda wacko, geek-y, long lose hair-i-cant-be-bothered-doing-anything-with.

If i had one day of a new image then I would cut off my hair and make it dead short and spiky, dye it red green and blue, pile on a ton of masacra and eyeliner, stripy knee lenght socks (yeh!) , messy uniform, diddy tie, wild and whoohooo and I'd do no work and pull a fire alarm of two and- HAHAHAHAHA- just for the sake of it flirt with a boy or to. xD man that'd be so fun! Oh yeh, and set lose tons of mice and spiders and lizards in all the staffrooms!

Whoooh, maybe one day...

Um, yeah, sorry kinda wacko post but :P


Kat xoxox

Saturday, 9 July 2011

10 awesome things to make this summer!

Yeah, so this is basically a list of things I wanna make this summer which I though were cool so I thought I'd share... teehee xoxox

1. Make a starburst wrapper bracelet!

2. Make a smoothie!

3. Then a milkshake! You've already had your five a day!

4. A den outside out of sheets!

5. Friendship bracelets! A ton of them!

6. Puppets and a puppet theartre!

7. A band and write some cool songs, record them and burn them onto CD's!

8. T-shirts you've designed yourself!

9. A driftwood shell mobile!

10. An obsticle course- ivite some friends over and pew each other with water guns while hopping over flower pots!

Ahhh.... two weeks to go and then THE SUMMER! Whooh!! Its weird to think that this time last year I was counting down the days till I went to Hong Kong, Australia and Thailand...
Has it really been a year?

Katharine xoxox

Well, this year we've learnt something...

That I'm a bad blogger!!!! And that feta and tomato bread is the best thing in the world.... Yeah, but I'm sorry bout, er, not blogging since.... april...
But things have been really, really, really buisy, and kinda scary.... well they're were exams on and stuff (schools nearly over!) and since the last post one of my friends got really seriously ill (brain surgery ill) and nearly died... yeh, so I've been pretty busy... But now she's well on the road to recovery and she's alive and I feel incredibly lucky- her being better is all that matters. :)

Well, yeh.

On a lighter note my puppy's eating a teletubby toy right next to me! Huh...

Promise to blog-.... Ah, I better not promise the same thing again... ;)


Kat xoxoxox